chemical burn from diapers??

I saw this picture and write up on a friends facebook page and am a little concered as to how much truth there is to it and would like answers since I've been a loyal customer for the past 3+ years.!/photo.php...

I noticed the other day that my daughter back was very red. The next day there had appeared to be a small blister that had been poped. Today it looks like this.... I found out that it is a chemical burn. So I am thinking how on earth did this happen to my 1 year old daughter, and it turns out shes not the first baby its happened to. Papmpers crusiers diapers have a chemical in them that when mixed with urine or stool can give the baby a chemical burn. These dipears have not had a recall on them, I urge everyone to tell there friends and family to not use pampers with DRY MAX anymore!
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