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New diapers leak and cause rashes

I have used pampers from Day 1 that my twin girls were born. I did feel that pampers had superior quality over other products. However, I just received my box of size 2 swaddlers and it's the new box after the re design. We have used over 4 boxes before this one with no issues. Not only do I wake up to leaks everyday but both my girls have developed a painful rash. To check if it was the diaper I had some of the old ones in my diaper bag, I used those and no leaks and the rash went away. I then thought it might just have been a coincidence so went back to using the new diapers and the leaks and redness and rash has appeared again. This redesign is horrible. Many people have the same issue( read amazon reviews over the last 2-3 weeks) so much so as I am now switching over to another brand. Something's needs to be fixed and fast!!
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