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time to make a pampers baby dry size 7 for special needs children

Question? when are you going to make a true size 7 pampers baby dry. 24"-32"inch waist for special need children who are to small for adult products. but to big for baby diapers. your pampers cruisers size 7 are the same size as the pampers baby dry size 6. and my special needs son uses the pampers cruisers size 7 but they need to be modifiyed to fit. and he is over your weight limet 41 lbs =18kg he is 65lbs. tryed the pampers underjams and they wont work. because the sides split apart. and they leak. so now is the time to make a true size pampers baby dry size 7. 65-85lbs 24"-32"inch waist. and make your pampers cruisers size 7 the same way. the new pampers cruisers size 7 are the same as size as the pampers baby dry size 6. all you did was change the outer shell. please help the special needs who need it most. thank you.
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  • AJ (Community Manager) October 24, 2013 17:14
    Thanks for your feedback, Jacob.
    For now, our size 6 is the largest size of Pampers Baby Dry available. We
    understand there are special needs children who may require a larger diaper,
    and we’re always looking to improve our products. I will make sure you pass
    your comments along, and please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-265-3265
    with any more questions or concerns. 

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